The Romans knew a good thing!

This is the ancient ruins where the original baths once stood. You see the archaeological ruins and learn about the bathing routine in Roman times.


The temple was dedicated to the goddess Sulis Minerva. Sulis is the Celtic goddess of healing and sacred waters and Minerva, the Roman goddess of wisdom. The Roman creation of the hybrid “Sulis Minerva” demonstrates the Roman’s adaptation of Britain’s Celtic traditions to establish their own dominance. The effect of this on the modern day is that many shops/restaurants in Bath are named as Minerva, don’t be surprised.

Pediments displaying Moon goddess Luna and solar god Sol

The Ancient Temple model

It was a much bigger facility at ancient times; the restored area is much smaller. It still takes at least 2-2.5 hours to see the whole facility, depending on how much you stop to take pictures. Plan your time accordingly.

The admission includes an audioguide, but it was very disorganized and hard to follow in my professional opinion (this is one of the very few areas where I can humbly state a professional opinion).

The best part of the tour is the great images of the Abbey from the Baths. You can later recognize this image on many Bath memorabilia.

At the very end, you get a chance to drink the thermal water from a fountain. I will not bias your opinion about how the water with 20+ minerals taste, see for yourself.


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