Whitstable, England at its best

A haven in the South East, Whitstable has a contemporary atmosphere within a characterful and eccentric coastal setting.  Whitstable is most famous for its Oysters but recent years has seen its contemporary art scene and restaurants/pubs gather just as much attention. Regardless of whether it’s a glorious sunny day or crisp winter one, Whitstable’s miles of beaches, pretty weatherboard cottages, fabulous sunsets and cosmopolitan atmosphere, make it difficult to beat!

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Whitstable has a varied history which makes the town even more interesting. During the Palaeolithic era, the Iron Age and the Bronze Age Whitstable area was inhabited. During the Roman times, oysters were harvested and even to date Whitstable is famous for its oysters, infact Whitstable’s maritime heritage is celebrated with annual Oyster Festival. The town was first named as Witenestaple, which means “meeting place of white post”, that refers to a local landmark. The area had three manors namely Northwood, Seasalter and Swalecliffe. Northwood manor was managed by a nobleman on behalf of The King, but the other manors were owned by the churches of that time. By 1226 the name had evolved to Whitstaple. Later in order to prevent coastal flooding a seawall was built in 1325 and by 14th-century salt works were opened. Whitstaple manor which is owned by a religious foundation was formed in 1413 by a combination of the three manors of the town.

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The look of the beaches is very traditionally English, the pebbles divided into sections by large wooden breaks. On a warm evening, with the sun setting over a calm blue sea, it really doesn’t feel like the classic image of the English seaside. It’s beautiful, calm, the sky is enormous, and people flock to watch the day’s last moments.

Tankerton Beach

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