A tour of Traditional England – The Cotswolds

Home to the world-famous J.R.R Tolkien, author of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings series, the Cotswold’s are host to some of the most scenic, picturesque little villages in the UK. Rumour has it that the scenic Cotswold’s inspired much of the scenery in the Lord of the Rings series and the whole of Middle-earth was inspired by the English countryside.

iStock-510080870.jpgThe Shire from Lord of the Rings – inspired by the villages of the Cotswold’s


Bibury Village

Bibury Village was called “the most beautiful village in England” by the Huffington Post. It is a typical Cotswold’s village distinguished by little cottages with thatched roofs. Go through Arlington Row, the most photographed street in all of the Cotswold’s and is the perfect place for taking photos of traditional England.

iStock-466464957.jpgArlington Row

Many of the traditional cottages are marked by the unique golden coloured stone they are made out of. In fact, the world famous Cotswold Stone is unique to this area. The bedrock of Jurassic Limestone that is only found in the Cotswold’s is mined for its golden colour and that is what gives the traditional Cotswold’s houses their iconic look. Many famous celebrities have made The Cotswold’s their home, the most famous of all being George and Amal Clooney, who count the wonderful village of Sonning-on-Thames as home.



As well as picturesque little cottages, the Cotswolds has some wonderful natural scenery. Visit the Venice of the Cotswolds, Bourton-on-the-Water. With numerous little footpaths surrounding the area it is a nature lover’s dream. The high street is famous for its many traditional shops and tea rooms. You can sit in one sipping tea, enjoying the views of the high street and surrounding nature, feeling as though you have been transported back into 1950’s Britain.

The Model Village – A place where anyone can feel like a giant

The village of Bourton-on-the-Water is also home to a 1/9th scale model version of the village in the 1930’s. Located behind the Old New Inn, the Model Village was built in 1937 and is the only Grade II listed model village in Britain. Every detail of the village has been painstakingly thought out, with even the bricks made out of Cotswolds stone. Wander around the village as a giant, taking in the village as it was in the 1930’s and experience a part of history today!

 iStock-524018872.jpgBourton-on-the-Water Model Village

Traditional English Cream Tea

Round off the day with the most English of traditions, an afternoon cream tea! Just before departure back to London we will sit in one of Burton-on-the-Water’s many tearooms, where we will enjoy freshly baked scones, with lashings of clotted cream and homemade strawberry jam, all topped off with a freshly brewed cup of English Tea.

iStock-526212967.jpgTraditional Afternoon Cream Tea

If traditional England is your thing, did you know you can visit the Cotswold’s on many of Let’s Travels day tours from London. The following experience tours are sure to delight. Stonehenge, Cotswold’s and Cream Tea Experience ‘Step back in time to the Neolithic Stonehenge, a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. After that we head to the stunning traditional English scenery of the Cotswold’s, where will we end the day by enjoying some cream tea




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